Wealth Management

Discretionary Mandates

Our investment managers work with each client to determine the individual investment strategy best suited to risk profile and personal financial goals and objectives. This includes a view on personal lifestyle, professional and family planning and individual expertise in the investment universe. We then establish the right balance between desired yield and inherent risk exposure and develop our investment strategy for the client profile. 

We monitor asset allocation, performance and portfolio diversification in real time against market cycles and apply statistical and quantitative analytical systems to test market trends. Our investment managers put their longtime experience to work for you and offer several strategies:

  • Anti-cyclical investing
  • Emerging Markets
  • ETFs
  • Option trading and other Derivative driven models
  • Commodities
  • Fixed income strategies
  • Mid- to long-term asset backed value investing

Advisory Mandates & Execution Only

It takes a lot of time and expertise to stay on top of market trends, analyse vast amounts of news and data to substantiate the right investment decisions. Our advisory mandate enables the clients to have a firm foundation to take those decisions. While we monitor the global financial markets, at times down to single projects, we are able to present our clients with relevant, tailored information and investment oportuniteis suitable to their strategy at the frequency of their choice. Once client instructions or confirmations are received, we execute the orders accordingly in the respective portfolio.